Be a tourist guide in Sri Lanka

At the present, tourism sector in Sri Lanka is developing very fast. Everyday lots of people from different countries come to Sri Lanka for sight seeing. With some of my previous articles, I explained about several beautiful locations in Sri Lanka. With this post, I hope to let you know about how to be a tourist guide in Sri Lanka. It is very easy for you to be a tourist guide if you can speak more languages and have a tourist guide licence issued by the Sri Lanka tourism board. Except these two requirements, sometimes companies ask about your valid driving licence. If you have a clean driving licence without any bad record with the two requirements I mentioned above, it’s very easy to get the job. 

Sometimes without a tourist guide licence also you can get a job in this field. At this point, the company hires you usually gives you some training before you get into the real job. Recently I saw some tourist guide jobs available at Abans tours Sri Lanka and Aitken Spence. If you read weekend news papers, you will also see plenty of guide jobs available.

I know one person who works in tourism industry as a driver. He invested a car for the industry and he’s the driver of his own car. But as he said, drivers can’t earn much money like guides, because usually drivers don’t get any tips from the travelers, only the guides getting. And guides also get commissions from shops when the tourists they take to visit shops buy something. Not only that, guides also get good accommodations at hotels but drivers only get beds in a big hall, where lot of drivers sleep at night.

Some people in Sri Lanka think that, being a tourist guide is not a job with a good social status. So lots of people avoid it. But when you don’t have enough of educational qualifications to find another job and if you can speak some foreign languages other than English, this is the job for you. You will be earning a good income than most of others working at offices. I also think that this type of job is not boring as the other jobs, because you will be traveling all the time here and there.

I’m going to finish the article now, but if you need to know something more about how to be a tourist guide in Sri Lanka, contact me through the Exinkai contact us form. Most of the requirements to be a tourist guide are simple except the language skills as I described above. So If you are bilingual, you are going to get the job for sure.

2 Responses to “Be a tourist guide in Sri Lanka”

  1. Hai thanks for the post ,
    well i really want to know how do you apply for this tour guide licence…if you have any ideas about the course related to this ,where to find details about it….? appreciate if you can really help me in this.

  2. Hi Moses, at the present I don’t know any details about the tour guide course, but you can contact the Sri Lanka tourism board and get all the information. They train people and issue the certificate for successful candidates. By the way, getting the tour guide certificate is not difficult. After you get it, u can easily be a tour guide at Aitken Spence or any other travel agency. As I heard, the tour guide course duration is about 3 months.