Bengal tigers in India

Bengal tigers are one of the biggest tiger species in the world. Its roar can be heard from a distance of 3 kilometres and these are slightly bigger than those which are found in the south Indian subcontinent. Male tigers average around 235 kg (520 lb) with a length of about 3 meters, whereas the females weigh 130-170 kg with an average length of 2 meters. They grow completely within two to three years. Their stripes appear as fingerprints and the bands present on their skin are not just on the fur, but are actually skin pigmentation’s.

In the year 1900 there were roughly about 50,000 Bengal tigers in the world – but at the present, there are only about 4000 Bengal tigers left and most of them are in zoo parks. There are lots of campaigns going on to preserve the tigers as we have only very less number of them remaining. But if proper conservation methods are implemented, then they can be easily saved from extinction.

Bengal tigers in India

They have a life span of 8 to 15 years in wild. But in zoo parks, tigers have lived more than 20 years. If we talk about their natural behaviour, Bengal tigers are different from other cat species. You rarely get to see tiger couples. Tiger family normally consists of a mother and her cubs that live with it till they are 2 years. Males are known to power the territory and they mark their territory by urinating. Tigers hunt alone, they are not pride hunters like lions.

Due to the excessive hunting of Bengal tigers, they have come under the category of endangered species. Hunting to get the tiger skin is the main reason for that. Bengal tigers can be found in India, Bangladesh, Bhutan, China and Nepal. With the concentrated efforts of NGOs, wildlife conservatives and the Indian government, the Bengal tigers have been protected so far. It has been seen that tigers, which are born and brought up in custody show genetic disparities. Among all tiger species, Bengal white Tigers are the most preferred class, exceptional and attractive. These are so unusual that you can find only about 12 white tigers within last 100 years all over India. The pure white tiger does not have the characteristic bands.

The Bengal tiger has often been confused as a man eater, though it is usually not. The reduction in wild life has forced it to prey on humans on dire situations. Bengal Tigers are purely carnivores and prey on medium sized wild animals. They are able to eat up to forty pounds of meat at one time and can go without food for several days. At the present, there are lots of Bengal tiger breeding and re-wilding projects in the world, mainly in India. This is a good sign for Bengal tigers’ future on earth.

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  1. I love Tigers and I hope once I see Tigers in nature and to make a good photos. For now I only see Tigers in a ZOO.