Danxia Mountain

When talking about Shaoguan city, people won’t forget Danxia mountain and Nanhua monastery temple. If you are from Dongguan or Shenzhen, you just need to take a bullet train (CRH) to GZ east station. There you can buy a ticket to Shao’guan train station, which the trip takes 2.5 hours. After exiting the train station, you will easily find the special tourist bus to Dan’xia mountain, the price is around RMB 15 and taking about 1 hour. Please note that the prices of bus tickets can be changed with time. 

It is sometimes really a trouble to reserve a hotel there, especially when you are travelling from another city. Once I tried with the hotel booking hot line 118114. But were told all the hotels are full. Then we decided to look for hotels after arrival and found out that, there are lot of hotels nearby the railway station. There is a road in front of the station, which is heading right to Danxia mountain and left to Nanhua monastery temple. In this direction you can find lot of hotels. There is a river called Zhenjiang river, it is also the name of this area. Zhenjiang river is flowing in parallel to the road, a bridge spans across it. You can go to the centre part of the city by crossing it.

Danxia mountain is located in Shaoguan city, in the north part of Guangdong province. People come here mostly for viewing the sun rise at Zhanglao peak and admiring the fantastic sexual organs resembled terrain. It is said that many people come to worship the male organ stone with the hope of bringing offspring. The sunlight couldn’t reach the female organ stone for the full year, so the Yin is very strong there.

The whole hike trip is around 2.5 hours. There are some very steep steps from Biechuan temple to Zhanglao peak. And on the way, you can admire the lush forest flushed with negative ions. Go under a big rock nearby, view the distant landscape which looks like animals such as elephants, fairy and so on. There are also monastery temples, pavilions and ancient villages and carvings which you can’t miss. There are free shuttle buses to take you to all the scenic spots. And there are lot of special food shops and restaurants under the mountain. You can enjoy a nice meal after a tiring hike but the food is expensive and not very tasty in most places here.

It was said that there are many of undiscovered treasures hidden in this mountain area. Because this mountain area was a perfect hiding place for the rich people in the war times many years back. They left a lot of treasures here while running away. It is also said that the mountain was a camp for Mafias. They robbed the by passers and stocked the treasures somewhere in the mountain

Many backpackers and campers usually go to the deep of untraced areas of the mountain with the hope of finding some miracle every day. The mountain also attracts lot of scientists and archaeologists, because many things found here with high archaeological value. It was said that the people in the ancient times put the coffins of their late family members on the rock to avoid animal attack. There are a lot of mysterious things related to Dan’xia mountain. If you wish to find and learn something more, you must pay a visit to it.

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