Exciting Torrox holidays at Costa del Sol

Torrox is a small Vill in Costa del Sol, located near to the other towns such as Malaga and Nerja. It would be really a great experience in spending holidays in Torrox village. It might be difficult to locate Torrox on map as it is the habitat for few people. It is really a gem for those who have visited it. The village of Torrox is located at a distance of 40 km from Malaga International Airport and is located in Andalusia which makes it an ideal place for holiday travels. Torrox boasts an average temperature of 18 degree Celsius with no drastic change in season. The climate remains pleasant and comfortable throughout the year.

Sierra Nevada mountain range located in Granada and is just a 2- hour’s drive from Torrox. Here, one can enjoy the skiing activity which will make your trip awesome and memorable. For those who are interested in British History can visit the Rock of Gibraltar.

Torrox is situated between Torrox Costa and Torrox Pueblo. This region is developing day by day and is becoming a great holiday destination. Tourists can enjoy both the beautiful landscapes or sceneries and beach activities.

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Torrox Pueblo is a white washed village, situated on hill side which gives it an impressive and delightful appeal. Moreover the branches of trees are covered with snow and plenty of flowering plants. Torrox Pueblo has brought about new agriculture, new irrigation methods and land terracing. It has beautiful views and arts and crafts market is held every Saturday at Plaza de la Constitution in Torrox Malaga. Torrox Pueblo was built since 7th century and was built from Moorish influence.

Torrox Pueblo has 14 bars and restaurants where you can delight your taste buds by excellent cuisine at El Figon. In Torrox Costa on the coast, you will find more international cuisine. The streets are surprising and are full of potted flowers and plants.

Attractive places to visit in Torrox:

  • La Encarnacion church, build upon the old mosque and was founded in the 15th century.
  • The 16th century Convent and Hermitage
  • San Roque Church, founded in 16th century
  • The 19th century Sugar Factory
  • Arab tower and the Inquisition House
  • The 18th century San Jose Hospital

Torrox hosts many festivals and celebrations all around the year:

  • Carnival in the month of February
  • Migas day use to held every year on the last Sunday before Christmas
  • Torrox Fair in the first week of  October

Therefore, Torrox is the most outstanding place to visit and is famous for its beaches and its historic heritage. This vacation, visit with your family to Torrox village in Costa del Sol.

Photo Credit – discovermalaga.com

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