How to Have a Relaxing Holiday

Sick of feeling uptight and overworked? If your summer holiday is fast approaching, it’s soon time to relax. Just because you’ve got a resort booked however, doesn’t mean that a week of relaxation is guaranteed. Here are a few steps to make sure you have a stress free time.

Have a lie in

When you’ve paid out on a holiday, you’ll want to make every second count. But don’t feel guilty about having the occasional lie in. If you want to start your day slow and steady having relished a few extra hours in the comfort of your hotel room –  that’s not time wasted; it’s time enjoyed and is sure to put you in a relaxed mood for the rest of the day! In the same vain, if you want to take it easy rather than hitting the local nightlife, there’s nothing wrong with having an early night to enjoy the mini-bar and trashy television.

Book a spa session

You can’t get much more relaxing than a spa treatment, whether you opt for a full body massage, reflexology session or facial. Take time out to lay back and get pampered. If you’ve got time a full spa day is the ideal way to thoroughly unwind. Take to the sauna and steam room, sit back in the hot tub or cool off in the pool. Look up spa offers online before you head off on your holiday, you may find some brilliant vouchers available to print off.

How to Have a Relaxing Holiday

Keep the kids occupied

If you’re holiday with your little ones, be prepared to keep them occupied. You’ll find that if you plan activities to do and attractions to visit in advance this will actually be more relaxing than just ‘winging’ it – hoping to spend a chilled out week going with the flow. If your children know what you’ll be doing each day, this will cut out the winging and give them things to look forward to throughout the week.

Go luxury

A holiday is a time to really treat yourself, after all you may only get to do so once a year. If you can afford it, go all out and book into the fanciest hotels or self-catering facilities you can afford. All inclusive can be a nice way to top things off –  meaning you won’t have to lift a finger on your stay; there will be no need to worry about the family meals or the extra cost of drinks.

Go budget

In contrast to luxury, you could also go budget to ease your mind. If you can’t afford the indulgence of 5 star, opt for holiday accommodation that you know you can afford – and won’t be paying off long after your break is over. You want to start saving up for your next get-away rather than worrying about repayments for a holiday you’ve already enjoyed.

Kate Clarke is a travel and lifestyle blogger from Norfolk. She recently enjoyed a UK break to Cornwall hotel and spa Trenython Manor.

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