Huangpu Da Sha Di

In the beginning of this year when I came to China, I spent about two months in this region. There are lot of things to talk about this area, so I thought to write an article about it and share what I know about Huangpu Da Sha Di with you. In this place, there are some foreigners living as well. Might be they are working here or just holiday makers. Several times I saw them walking along the streets and eating in restaurants. 

The spectacular surroundings of Huangpu Da Sha Di is simply great. The center of the region is busy but the outskirts are very calm. Public transportation in this area is comfortable and have lot of options to select according to your choice. For long distance travel, you can choose metro or buses. Cabs, three wheel taxies and motor bikes are the best options for short distance travel. However if you cannot speak Mandarin, you will be facing some language problems when you want to hire a cab, three wheel taxi or a motor bike. They barely speak other languages.

There are several shopping malls located in Da Sha Di. Few of these are only for clothes and the rest have all stuff. Other than the shopping malls, there are number of fast food restaurant here as same as the other regions in China. There is also a restaurant street in Da Sha Di where the whole street is full of Chinese restaurants. Here you can’t find any other shop. Only restaurants with many different Chinese cuisine.

Night markets in Da Sha Di are stunning. Usually they start from 4 pm in the evening and continue until mid night. There are no permanent buildings for these shops, just removable tents. Here you can mainly buy clothes, shoes, imitation jewellery, electronic items and souvenirs for extremely cheap price. I bought a pair of shoes for me and some jewellery to give gifts. Great stuff even the quality is not superb. They worth every penny you spend.

Old streets are common in Da Sha Di. Last time I had accommodation at one of these places. Most of the buildings are very old here and people are very traditional as well. Some of these traditional people even didn’t like me to stay there because I’m not a Chinese national. Once I met two people in this old street who introduced themselves to me as town counsil officers. They said me that this street is prohibited to foreigners. Later on I asked about this from the city police and got to know it was not true. There’s no rule like that. Anyone can live there. However the police said me that it’s good to get accommodation at another safer place since these traditional people are uneducated and aggressive. They might harm you and that happened. Once I was not at home, some of these people broke the door of my apartment and stole my two computers. About this I told you from one of my previous articles.

I really think this area is not good for a foreigner to live. Not only because of the people who live there, but because of the bad transportation within this place. To get a taxi or a bus, you have to go to the main road by foot for about half kilometer or more. This is a big minus point for an emergency. However there are lot of shops in this street where people can buy most of day to day consuming goods. This street is like a small village which is seperated from the world. They have their own ways of living and pay too much attention for traditional festivals than the other places in Huangpu Da Sha Di region. Even a very small festival they celebrate as a huge one. Usually they use lot of fire crackers when starting and ending the festivals. It was really very noisy and annoying when I was living there. But got a life time experience.

If you are a traveler, I recommend you to have accommodation in Da Sha Di where there are plenty of good hotels and motels. Even if you are a Chinese national, local people in the above mentioned type old streets don’t welcome visitors. By the way you can go there to see things. No one can stop you from that. Just be careful. Usually when I travel to China with a visit visa, I don’t register at the local police department in the area where I stay. But when I was in Da Sha Di, police asked me to register at the local PD.

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