Things You Should Keep in Mind While Hiring a Car Rental Service

Gatwick is twenty-eight miles south of London and is also a ten minute drive away from the main motorway network. While stepping out of the airport, most people are usually surprised at the amount of rental car companies operating from Gatwick airport.  

Gatwick, which is more popularly known as London Gatwick, is one of the two airports in London that remain very busy throughout the year. With almost all the major car rental companies present here, it can be hard for a traveller to find which one of them provides a good deal. Before travelling to Gatwick, make sure you book well in advance to be sure you get the car that will suit your needs properly, especially if you’re with your family.


The city is a great place for driving with well-maintained roads and miles of beautiful scenery, which makes the road trip worthwhile. At a Gatwick taxi rental, travellers are offered good deals, but by using these tips you can save money and avoid making the wrong choices.


• If you are travelling to London for the first time, go for a nationwide car rental service, one with a good reputation and preferably lots of rental locations.

• Even if you have to pay a bit more, go for the one which uses newer cars and a good customer service record in order for quick help in case anything happens while on the road.

• The taxes differ according to location; for example, if you book a car from the airport itself, it will cost much more than booking it from another place in the city.

• Make sure your credit card can cover insurance for the car rental before you turn down the insurance package provided by the rental car company.

• For those who are under 25 years of age, it is important to check the company’s policy, because some rental companies charge an extra fee to people under 25 years. However, for businessmen, travel expenses including car rentals are usually covered by the company.

• Always remember to return the car with a full tank to avoid an ugly charge on your bill.

• Visit the taxi service’s website to get a better understanding of the car rental policies and requirements.

And last but certainly not the least, check the car thoroughly before you leave the car rental company. Any damages no matter how small should put in writing to avoid having to pay for damages someone else did to the car. Passengers are able to book taxi services through the phone or the internet. In both ways, the passenger has to provide the taxi service with the proper details which includes the flight details so that the driver is then able to check the arrival of the flight before leaving to pick up the passenger.

For a more luxurious experience, the passenger can also order a chauffeur driven car instead of a normal taxi. Apart from the additional standard taxi services they also include other facilities like Wi-Fi system, TV and a gaming consul as well as refreshments. There are also those taxi companies that customize your taxi service according to your liking, but will come to you at a cost because these taxi services tend to be more expensive than normal taxis.

While travelling to Gatwick, you should not be troubled because all the taxi services are fully insured and it is mandatory for all of these companies to have a functioning GPS (global positioning device).

In addition to all the above mentioned services, taxi service companies also provide child seats and turn round seats upon request at an additional cost. There are several taxi service companies operating right now in Gatwick airport. In order to lure new customers, many of these service providers offer special discounts and group discounts to passengers. They also have special membership packages to help frequent travellers save money.

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