Tiger Airways Singapore

Before several days I travelled from China to Singapore and Singapore to Sri Lanka by Tiger airways. So for the first time I thought to write a review about this airline. I also talked with some people who travelled by the same airline with me and collected more information about what others think about Tiger airways. Because of that, this is not just my review, but a review of several people who travelled by the Tiger.  

First of all you have to know that this is a budget airline. So some comfortable things such as free food and drinks, pillows and blankets, tv in front of the seat are not available here. But the seats are quite comfortable and the toilet is clean as same as any other airlines. Tiger aircrafts are smaller than the other normal passenger aircrafts. Because of this reason, inside the aircraft hasn’t much space. Of course there’s no business class or first class cabins.

If we talk about the food and beverages served in the aircraft, they are not free. However you can pay and buy if you need. Lot of people don’t buy food and beverages in the aircraft because usually the flight time is about 4 hours or maximum 5 hours. Passengers can stay without eating that much long easily and it is not uncomfortable. Since there are no tvs inside, little bit boring just to sit. But some people use their laptops and tablet pcs to watch movies and listen to music during the flight. No restriction for that.

There are some important things you have to remember when you buy tiger airways tickets. The most important thing is how you buy it. It is always best to buy the tickets with using your own bank card. Because if you buy it through an agency, they will charge you some money as well. So the cheap airfare becomes little more expensive. Also remember to fix the travelling dates first and buy the tickets after that. If you want to change the dates after you bought the tickets, you have to pay nearly half of the ticket price just to change it to another day. Once I’ve done this mistakenly.

In Singapore, there is a budget terminal for budget airlines like Tiger airways. So if you travel to Singapore by a budget airline, there is a bus which takes you to the main terminal from the budget terminal. There you can get the trains, taxies, metros and buses to the city. Last time when I travelled to Singapore in September 2012, I saw a notice board telling that they are going to change the budget terminal within a month.

At present, the budget terminal is very small and not good looking. It is more likely a big store room with few duty free shops. Some Indian Tamil airport workers there are very strict and waiting to take your money if your luggage exceeds seven kilograms weight. Last time when I went there, my bag was 8 kilograms and had to pay SGD 30. The same bag I took from China, but no one asked for money. I think these Indians keep the money for themselves.

Tiger airways is just started. So there are several things they have to improve to be a great budget airline like Air Asia (Malaysia). However with time I’m sure Tiger airways will be more better than the present. At last all I have to say is remember to read Tiger airways policies before buying the tickets. Use your own bank card for purchases to get the maximum benefit.

Recently lot of people visit Asian countries to purchase natural gemstones. With this budget airline, it makes you easier to travel frequently to the all Asian destinations for your business purposes with spending minimum amount of money.

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